Bootcamp Brawl: LCRA vs. Deep Eddy

Two mighty forces met this morning in the Deep Eddy parking lot for an athletic showdown: Randal’s LCRA 6:15 Bootcamp and Crystal’s Deep Eddy 6:30 Bootcamp. But why be a fighter when you can be a lover? We joined forces in mixed teams to tackle med ball squats, renegade rows, and parallettes to make sweet, sweet workout harmony.

The workout:
total combined team reps, for time:
  • 400 overhead squats, 10-lb. med ball
  • 300 in-and-outs on parallettes
  • 200 renegade rows, 15-lb. dumbbells

Our team finished last… AWESOME! If you’re not gonna be first, you may as well be last and enjoy the ride.

Med ball relay:
  • 1 runner sprinted w/ a med ball
  • 4 team members plank

Our team was a combo of three Deep Eddy representatives and two from LCRA — one of the girls had just attended her first Bootcamp on Monday. She’s a badass in my book.

My favorite part? Swinging through Randal’s super fancy circus parallettes. I just want a spangley costume and theme music. Is that so wrong?

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