Lost: 1 CrossFit Women Workout | Found: Silver Lining

Seriously, people. What is going on in my house? I forgot to set my alarm. Again. This. does. not. happen. to. me. I am Reliable. Consistent. Responsible. I SLEPT THROUGH MY WORKOUT AGAIN! But on the positive side, I’ve been sleeping so well lately. When I switched to the Zone in January 2008, my ability to stay asleep improved, but lately I’ve been sleeping like a fucking champ! I put on my... read more

Thank You, Heat Miser, Fug Girls, and Pink

I’m not having the best day at work today, but this is a bright spot. From Go Fug Yourself:And to Mr. Heat Miser, congratulations on landing your very own popstar... read more

Hello, Arms?! Are You Still Attached?

I love the “fresh start” of Mondays. The whole week is layed out before me like a blank sheet of paper, and there are plenty of opportunities to write good stuff on it, like… “Got a great night’s sleep.”“Woke up before the alarm and went to CrossFit Central.”“Did 72 pullups with the blue band.”“Ate blueberries and milk and chicken and... read more

I Missed It Again

Last year, my heart was broken when I missed Mike Ness (my hero) and Bruce Springsteen (Dave’s hero) playing on stage together in New Jersey. Sigh. We missed the reprise in L.A. last week, too.At least I can watch this video obsessively and pretend I was... read more

I Have a Confession to Make: I’m Probably Going to Say No

Y’all, I’ve been having some big fun for the last few weeks: the ZOOMA half marathon, a few after-work happy hours (with cocktails!), a visit with my parents (with unbridled eating), two school-night concerts (Bruce Springsteen and Gavin DeGraw), murder trial jury duty, and a handful of missed workouts to sleep later than usual. In short, I’ve been living the way I perceive... read more

Fun Run

I’ve fallen into a bad habit of questioning whether or not I’m going to workout in the morning. CrossFit days are etched in stone (usually), but since we wrapped up our half marathon training, Dave and I haven’t re-committed to a training schedule for Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Those days are just hanging out there right now, with no requirements and lots of temptation to sleep in... read more

100 Pushups: Week 2 Workouts

Congratulations on your first week of the TEAM RELENTLESS 100 Pushup Challenge™! Here are the workouts for Week 2… good luck! Be sure to post comments to let everyone know how you’re... read more

Pushups… in the Courthouse

If you read my blog post yesterday, you know I had a pushup FAIL and didn’t get through the Day 2 workout. Today, during one of the many times the judge sent our jury out of the courtroom, I did Day 2 in the hallway outside the jury room. Reps: 6 – 6 – 8 – 6 – 10 I think I probably could have squeezed out another 1-2 on the last round, but I was worried the District Attorney... read more

The Bear Complex

After sitting ALL DAY LONG yesterday, it felt great to move around this morning at CrossFit Women… although I was a little intimidated when I saw the WOD on the white board: Bear Complex: 7 reps X 7 rounds Not familiar with the Bear? It’s a squat clean, into a thruster, into a back squat, into an overhead press. Like this: Of course, I didn’t look like that when I did it. But you get the... read more

I’m on Jury Duty

This morning, I reported for jury duty, fully expecting to get bounced. But I didn’t! So I’m serving on the jury of a murder trial… which is awesome research for my future mystery novel. Anyway, that means I won’t be posting to my blog much this week. Pushupers: Keep going! How was your workout today? Post to the comments and let everyone know. Erika, Stacey, Bonita, and I are... read more

Sobered. Humbled. Sucker Punched.

Yes, universe, thank you. I’ve got the message loud and clear: There is no end to journeys worth taking. There are no shortcuts on the path to places worth going. To reap the rewards, I’ve got to work hard, remain focused, and try to keep singing a happy tune while I trek along. Got it. * * * * * * * * * * * * * I had kind of a rough weekend in the self-esteem department. I’ve got hormone... read more

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