The Most Important Meal of the Day?

I remember when Erika and Moxy-Boss were trying to tough love me into giving up dairy. There was a lot of whining.

“What am I going to eat for breakfast?” I said. “I love my blueberries and milk. My whole day goes wrong if I don’t eat my. blue. berries. and. milk.” [pout]

Turns out I was mistaken. My whole day goes right by eating my dairy-free dino-chow.

Mark’s Daily Apple recently challenged people to send in photos of their dino-chow breakfasts – and there’s plenty of delicious inspiration over there.

Looking for new ideas to start your morning nutrition off right? Check out these 100 breakfats photos and get inspired!

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6 Responses to “The Most Important Meal of the Day?”

  1. MelissaG says:

    Hey Girl, ya making me hungry! I'm thinking you need to move north and be my personal chef, my breakfast doesn't look anywhere near as good.

  2. Barbara says:

    I feel SO much better without my dairy.It's the damn fake sugar that has a hold on me. E.V.I.L.

  3. erikajeanne says:

    Mel, have you tried your blueberries in almond milk? Almond milk is actually really good….

  4. Melicious says:

    I have SO moved on. Now on workout days, I have a kickass, carb-loaded post-workout meal of butternut squash and chicken… on non-workout days, I eat a more zone-like protein+carbs+fat. I LOVE it. On both of those days, I often have blueberries, too.

  5. georgia says:

    Breakfast for dinner tonight!!!

  6. Melicious says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE breakfast for dinner. I might do that, too!

    Mmmmmm… turkey bacon.

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