That’s Fit Success Stories: Megan Parsons

I’m a contributor to AOL’s fitness blog That’s Fit… my goal when I write “over there” is to bring the CrossFit, be a fire breather, eat like a cave person philosophy to the That’s Fit readers… shake ‘em up a little bit and get them lifting, jumping, sleeping, and chowing down properly. I was recently assigned a featured column: That’s Fit Success Stories.

Today’s Success Story: Megan Parsons

I’ve loved watching Megan’s transformation from CrossFit Central member to CrossFit Central coach! As I told Megan yesterday, I aspire to having an “after” photo like hers some day.

Visit Megan’s blog for inspiration and check out the CrossFit Central Relentless Bootcamp blog she publishes, too. Good stuff!

I’m looking for more people to profile. You don’t need to have lost a boatload of weight to qualify. Did you turn around a health problem? Completely change your workout routine or diet? Lose the last nagging 10 pounds? Shoot me an email at mel at chancemccoy dot com and let’s talk!

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