Ways You Know You’re In Hell: Example 1

You’re sitting at your desk in the corporate overlords’ lair… it’s 67 degrees and sunny outside… you can hear the band playing on the outdoor stage across the street at the Belmont… if you crane your neck just right, you can SEE the band from your desk chair… and you have a deadline at the end of the day for a client document. Welcome to Hell,... read more

Good Time to "Go Primal"

If you’ve been thinking about getting your grubby little hands on a copy of Mark Sisson’s The Primal Blueprint, today’s the day to do it. Mark’s trying to get his book to #1 on Amazon, and wants our help. If you buy his book in the next 24 hours or so, you can get all kinds of cool freebies: A personal invite to a private 2-hour Live Webcast Q&A Session… where you can ask... read more

Well Hello, Thrusters… We Meet Again

I’ve seen lots of photos like this: photo from CrossFitJulia  But I’ve never done walking lunges with a plate overhead. So when I got the tweet of our CrossFit Women workout last night, I was super excited. We were supposed to do four rounds of 20 with a 45-lb. plate. I felt like this: WOOT! But it was raining this morning, and Crystal made a last-minute modification to the... read more

So… What About That Crack Pie?

Yes, today was to be The Day: the day I make the Crack Pie. An unabashedly indulgent dessert made of brown sugar (lots of it!), butter (lots of it!), rolled oats. and milk powder. First step: make cookies. Second step: crush cookies into crust and mix with more butter. Last step: fill cookie crust with more butter and brown sugar. When push came to shove, I couldn’t do it. I present to you: Reasons I... read more

I’m With The Band

Not this band… Or this band… I am in THIS band, but it’s not the one I mean. I mean this one: Yesterday’s CrossFit Women workout was a monster, and I’m still feeling the after-effects. It was five rounds of stuff that, taken individually, didn’t seem too bad. But the sum of the parts meant it was a palm-killer. Observe. CrossFit Women5 rounds for time:10 sprawls + kb... read more

Eat Your Vegetables: Bok Choy

Bok Choy! It’s the more exotic, less stinky cousin of my ol’ favorite cabbage. If it was a character in a noir film, it would be the dangerously beautiful Asian woman wearing a red satin dress and smoking a cigarette in a diamond-encrusted holder. Or something like that. What happened to that gorgeous, giant head of bok choy you see above is much more mundane: it was unceremoniously washed in... read more

Smupdate! March 11, 2010

WARNING: Cat-related post ahead.  I have a workout to tell you about and some recipes to share, but what’s super urgent right now is for you to see a photo of Smudge. Sue me. [begin Smupdate] I really, really like to snuggle Smudge. She’s put on a little weight, and it’s made her extra-squeezable. Our interactions often look like this image of Pepe le Pew, where I’m the... read more

Breathtaking Photos, Plus Best & Worst

Dare you not to get a tear in your eye and feel triumphant by proxy; enjoy these photos from Vancouver 2010 – Part 1Vancouver 2010 – Part 2 Still feeling the Olympics spirit? Check out’s take on the Best & Worst of the 2010 Winter... read more

Bataan Memorial Death March: 12 Days and Counting

I have war on my mind. Aside from the usual headline horror, Dave and I watched The Hurt Locker and Inglourious Basterds this weekend, and I’ve been reading Tears in the Darkness for a few weeks in preparation for the Bataan Memorial Death March. I’m taking my time with the book – slowing down my usual pace to check the map… working to understand the military strategy explanations that... read more

CrossFit High Five

After a low-energy weekend and a sick day from the corporate overlords yesterday, I’m back! I’m working on some tasty stuff for you today, but in the interim, I wanted to point you to a post from the lovely and badass Jessica. It’s a list of resources to help prep your hands for the demands of heavy lifting and kipping pullups. There are many, many things wrong with my kip, and chief... read more

Bataan Memorial Death March: Videos

We’re two weeks out from the Bataan Memorial Death March. This weekend, I went to REI (again!) for a pair of hiking pants. Who would’ve thought I’d be the owner of moisture-wicking cargo pants?! [shaking head in horror and resignation] The March is never far from my thoughts. I’ve read the details on the official website many, many times, and trolled YouTube for videos. These are... read more

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