It Doesn’t Bode Well When Your WOD Includes The Word ‘Gasser’

Full disclosure: This blog post is chockful of quasi-yucky descriptions of scabs and pain and such. Enjoy! I stayed up a little too late last night playing Boggle on my iPhone. My pal Stacey started our tradition of playing Boggle at lunch in the corporate overlords’ kitchen, and I’ve been using my phone to hone my skills. Yesterday I missed my bus stop, so engrossed was I in trying to top my... read more

"And Clap!"

Go ahead! Treat yourself to 156 seconds of over-the-top awesome. Why This Video is Awesome1. “That’s jammin’!” 2. Heidi’s purple, high-waist slacks and peek-a-boo shoulders. 3. Somewhere, there is a bowl that created that haircut.(Full disclosure: From 1993 to 1998, I had that haircut.) 4. “You can add your shoulders!” 5. “And…... read more

Spy Camp!

Who wants to help me build a time machine so I can travel back in time to 1980 and spend the summer at Spy Camp instead of Weight Watchers camp? Covert missions! Wicked gadgets! Surveillance! Booby Traps! Lasers! In England! I totally belong there. I could be an MI-5... read more

Wow. Neat. Ring Dips and Pullups. Again. [sigh]

Remember on Friday when I said I was totally over doing “negative” pullups and dips? Guess what was in our workout today… pullups and dips. I rejoiced. (Not. at. all.) But, as usual, once I started moving, I found that, miraculously, my heart was in it. Two thumbs up on starting Monday with a workout that kicked my butt pretty hard. Warmup400m runhigh knees + butt kicks + lunges + punter... read more

Pork Rinds: A Cautionary Tale

Around our house we call them “red light foods.” You know the ones… the stuff you just can’t have in the house because you’ll snarf your way through the entire bag/box/container/bowl until every last lick/bite/crumb is gone. A few weeks ago, I took a reader’s advice and modified my Scotch Egg recipe by rolling the meatball in crushed pork rinds. They were delicious!... read more


You know what rules? On Saturdays, I kinda get to be the boss. During the week, I submit 100% to my CrossFit Austin coaches. They tell me to do negative pullups again; I do them. Again. They yell, “Sprint! No jogging.” and I sprint. They sentence me to six burpees for being late, I crank out six burpees. But on Saturdays, I perceive the prescribed WOD as filled with suggestions that I can... read more

I AM The Crazy Cat Lady

We haven’t had a Smupdate from Smudge, for a while. Instead, I give you a really cute cat with stuff on its head. More photos of a cute cat with stuff on its head here. (Thanks, cuteoverload, for... read more

Toast SHOULD Have Low Self-Esteem

From Pleated... read more

The Hook

I’m just going to say it: I don’t like the hook grip. In case you haven’t made its (painful) acquaintance yet, it looks like this: image from CrossFit Genius On the snatch and clean in particular, the hook grip is more secure and allows for lifting heavier weight. “The hook grip may not be suitable for beginners as the thumb or thumbnail may suffer pain, although this can be... read more

I Sentence You To: Burpees

I’ve had two really excellent workout days back-to-back, and I’m on day four of 100% clean eating, and I’m feeling like about a billion bucks. Although, I have been punished with the burpee torture. CrossFit Austin has a nifty system: Say the words “I can’t” in the gym and pay a fine of 10 burpees. Run late for class and cough up three burpees for every minute... read more

Paleo Rogan Josh

Whenever I mention the Indian dish rogan josh to my friend Stacey, I accidentally call it Josh Rogan, and she says, “Who? What?” because she knows it’s really called rogan josh. Yesterday, we realized I was reversing the names because of Seth Rogen – and then Stacey was confusing him with Josh Groban. They’re nothing alike. See for yourself. Seth Rogen Josh Groban Rogan... read more

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