The Pleasure of Eating

This link will take you to a powerful essay  by Kentucky author Wendell Berry. He seems to be a throw-back… described by wikipedia as a “man of letters,” which I take to mean intelligent, thoughtful, and well-spoken – characteristics valued less and less in this tweetable, Facebook era. Anyway. Here are some of my favorite bits from the essay. It’s beautifully written and... read more

Slate Magazine’s Fitness 2011

I’m still working my way through all the articles in Slate’s Fitness 2011 collection, but I thought y’all might want to check it out, too. There’s a piece about CrossFit and PX90… as well as a funny video about face exercises called “Cheeks of Steel.” Read it now: Fitness 2011: The business, culture, and science of working... read more

Best Use Of French Fries

read more

Random Awesome Things

I am flying high… HIGH, my friends. I’m on Day 21 of my Whole70, and so far this week, I’ve slept 43 hours, eaten 24 super-tasty dino-chow meals and snacks, set one new PR, and kicked my ass with four killer workouts, including this one from this morning: Warmup400m run (in 28 degrees!)2X 15 kip swings + 10 squats + 10 pushups + 10 wall ball Skills 5 sets:3 behind-the-neck power jerks + 2... read more

Cat Flag = Awesome

kickass image by Art Yucko Love it! [Don't understand why I think this is awesome? Look here and here and... read more

Paleo On The Go

I’m on Day 19 of my Whole70, and I’m feeling Good. But I’m also feeling really out of patience with being in the kitchen. So much chopping and sautéeing and thinking about food and shopping for food… good heavens to Betsy Ross! I love eating clean, but I am SO envious of the people who can pick up the phone or wander into a restaurant and soon find themselves eating food PREPARED... read more

Testing. Check 1, Check 2. Sibilance. Check, Check.

A few days ago, I told you about how I joined the Circle of Awesomeness Challenge at CrossFit Austin. Since then, our workouts have been devoted to testing so we have a baseline against which to compare ourselves when the Challenge comes to its (bitter – sweet) end in March. Generally, I love homework and tests. I was always ‘that girl’ in college: early for the exam, delighted when it... read more

Don’t Be Lily-Livered! Aromatic Chicken Livers

I was a weird kid. And I distinctly remember, on occasion, ordering beef liver with onions for dinner at my dad’s diner. I was also a FREAK for chicken liver paté on toast. Then I became a surly teenager and went to Weight Watchers summer camp where they forced us to eat liver once a week as part of the WW weight-loss plan. The culinary skills of the cooks at camp didn’t stand up to my... read more

Dinner WOD – New PR!

This is a faithful transcription of the conversation Dave and I had in the car last night around 7:30 p.m. after running some essential errands: Me: Man! I’m starving like Marvin. I wish we had a robot maid that would serve us dinner as soon as we got home. Dave: Me, too! I was just thinking how sad I am that we can’t eat at Firebowl during our Whole30. Me: I have some veggies and protein in... read more

Cumin-Roasted Carrots

So here’s a thing: I don’t particularly like carrots. And I especially don’t enjoy them raw. I’ll eat them, but not with relish. Snap peas and jicama and pepper strips? I’ll devour those raw with a smile on my face. But there’s something about raw carrots that just leaves me cold. However, carrots are packed with nutrients and, honestly, it’s the time of year when... read more

Why We Train

Thanks to CrossFit NYC for pointing to this blog post today: This is why you train… I don’t want to give too much away before you read it. But I will tell you, it’s a very moving piece about one CrossFitter’s personal struggles and how good health saved his life. This is why you... read more

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