CrossFit Praha WOD #1

This morning Dave and I bought a 10-session punch card for CrossFit Praha, so it’s official: we’ll be working out Mondays and Wednesdays at Zdenek’s box while we’re here. I’ll post photos and a full recap of our awesome experience when I’m back home. The gym space is SO COOL. It’s in the basement of a beautiful old building — nice little courtyard for... read more

The “Burn In Hell, Stalin” WOD

Yesterday, Dave and I hit Letna Park for the first workout of our holiday. I’m pretty crazy about the park because to get to it from the river requires walking (or running) up lots of stairs. I have a predilection for jogging up stairways to see where they lead. This can take us off course (like the first time we ran up to the Castle) and/or introduce us to cool stuff, like the Metronome at the top... read more

Prague Dispatch – 10/09/11

Yesterday, we took the tram (I LOVE riding the tram!) to Expat Expo. We were lucky enough to meet two expats who shared personal info on how they made their transition to Czech life, and we attended a Q&A with a rep from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, so the whole visa process seems less Byzantine. At least for today, the “live in Prague for a few years” adventure seems within... read more

Prague Dispatch – 10/08/11

It’s gray and cool here, and I’m loving it. We enjoyed a brief sunny spell yesterday afternoon, but it was cold enough for me to buy a faux fur hat at H&M (YAY, H&M!). Just about to head out for a run in Letna Park… here are some snaps from yesterday. The bomber hat with fur flaps: The “Euro Foods” cart where we ate a garlicky, luscious “Prague Sausage”... read more

World Zombie Day

Saturday, October 8 is World Zombie Day! This is a lengthy list of cities hosting Zombie Walks – if your hometown isn’t on the list, might I suggest, instead, the Zombie Attack Preparedness Workout (ZAP), with instructions featuring Dave, my pals Blake and Weston, and yours truly. It’s never too soon, nor too late, to prepare yourself for the zombie apocalypse. Learn more about special... read more

Prague Dispatch – 10/07/11

It’s Friday morning here, and I’ve finally emerged from the jet lag fog. When we arrived in Paris Wednesday morning, we heard the words you least want to hear after a 10-hour trans-Atlantic flight: “I’m sorry. I see no flights to Prague today. There is flight tomorrow – but no flight to Prague today.” It seems our flight had been cancelled, but we hadn’t been... read more

Powering Down On The Plane

At a Whole9 nutrition workshop last January, Dallas Hartwig said something that was just stabby enough to stick in my noggin. He was answering someone’s question about what to do about eating in an airport. The “question” was, honestly, a bunch of excuses phrased in the form of a question. Dallas patiently offered options, ranging from pretty good (garbage-free nuts from a gift shop) to... read more

Reading Is Sexy: My Holiday Book List

One of the sweetest gifts of travel is that it gives me extra time to read. I love nothing more than to find a comfy spot – in a square, in a park, in a sunny corner of a rented room – and throw myself completely into a story. I try to find books that are set in the places where we’re traveling, so I can immerse myself in the atmosphere, history, and people that populate that place. One summer, I... read more

Five Minutes of Heaven

The countdown to Prague departure time is SO on! Today was my second-to-last CrossFit Austin workout, and it was a barn-burner. Dang! It’s been a while since a WOD written on the whiteboard made me nervous. Sure, there have been workouts lately that I knew were going to be a long grind, but this one gave me little flutters in my tummy when I read it. Intimidating! It totally lived up to... read more

A Pre-Prague Musical Extravaganza With Frank Turner

Tomorrow, Dave and I fly to Prague, via Paris, for our “Holy shit! We just made a cookbook” holiday celebration. I mean, why not go on vacation smack in the middle of cookbook production?! Tonight, one of my favorite musicians is playing at Emo’s here in Austin. His name is Frank Turner, and if you haven’t heard his music yet, you need to get on that immediately. For your viewing... read more


Don’tcha just love training with people who push you do to do your best?! My workout buddy Erica totally saved me from myself Friday morning. Read through our workout, then I’ll tell you why I gave Erica a super-charged high five after our WOD. Skills 3-3-3-3-3 front squats rest 3:00 b/t sets My weights: 75# – 95# – 105# – 105# – 105# WOD AMRAP 20:00: 5/arm DB snatch,... read more

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