We’re A Paleo Power Couple

Julie and Charles, the masterminds behind the cookbook Paleo Comfort Foods, are themselves a Paleo Power Couple. See? Today, they’ve named Dave and I a Paleo Power Couple, too. Pretty cool. right?! Maybe our superhero powers are finally kicking in! Stop by the Paleo Comfort Foods blog and read our interview for insider secrets like Dave’s favorite Well Fed recipe and my hard-to-resist treat... read more

Welcome, Austin360 & Statesman Readers

If you’re here, that means you must have liked Addie Broyle’s awesome article on paleo in the Austin American-Statesman. Maybe you’re hungry for more paleo recipes. I’m glad you stopped by! And I hope you’ve been inspired to at least consider the notion of trying the paleo way of eating. It will change your life for the better and in ways you can’t predict. Let me show... read more

Hey! Sign Up For My Newsletter

YAY! My kickass husband Dave – web site coder, musician, and illustrator extraordinaire – has been busy working on some blog enhancements that will make The Clothes Make The Girl even better. The first one we’re rolling out? My newsletter! I would be delighted if you sign up for the newsletter, and you might be, too. I’m going to use it to share breaking news about the cookbook, to pass... read more

Lebanese Onion & Parsley Salad

Wait! I know you’re probably not feeling super excited about a pile of onions. But don’t turn up your nose yet! Here in the U.S., we’ve been conditioned to think of onions as an after-thought go-along, rather than a star of the plate, but trust: a sweet onion, tossed with tangy sumac, fresh mint, and smooth parsley becomes so much more than a garnish. This salad has a light, bright... read more

CrossFit Three-fer Madness

Today was my third CrossFit workout in a row. I’m contentedly tired, mildly sore, and happily anticipating bedtime with no alarm tomorrow. Rest days are so tasty after a few days of hard work! Mobility Work Hips, quads, spine, shoulders + foam roller & lacrosse ball = beautiful agony WOD 6 rounds: :30 burpees :30 rest :30 jumping pullups :30 rest :30 front rack reverse lunge, 45# :30 rest My... read more

Feed A Cold, Paleo Style

As I sit at my corporate overlords’ desk, typing away, I can hear various people around me sneezing and coughing. Ew! The weather is changing and cold germs seems to be creeping around the perimeter of everyone’s immune systems, looking for a crack to slither through. Eating a paleo diet can help fight those nasty little bugs, but even the cleanest eaters can be struck down by a scratchy... read more

Riding The Wave

Confession time. This morning, I did the thing I promised myself I wouldn’t do: I looked at the WOD as a way to decide if I was going to go to CrossFit Austin today. That is a big no-no. Sure, the end result was good. I went because I wanted to do a “waveload” of cleans – but the commitment to my workout is supposed to be made when I go to sleep at night, not in the morning, based on... read more

Back In The Saddle

Alarm at 5:53 a.m.? Check. Dark as pitch outside? Check. Slow transition to alertness during the car ride to the gym? Check. And then the words that cemented the realization that we are truly back: Six-thirty class… take a lap. Honestly, it felt great to see my CrossFit Austin girls again – I’m looking at you, Jenny, Erica, and Caitlyn – I felt like Jane Eyre returning to Thornfield in... read more

More Cool Stuff @ Experience Life

When I returned from our vacation, I found a package of advance copies of Experience Life waiting for me, and you guys, the November issue is awesome! Then the new Experience Life app was released, and Jocelyn posted another of our video interviews. It’s like the universe is welcoming me back to good habits and reminding me that I like training and eating clean. Stages of Change One of the things I... read more

Still Hate You, Thrusters

Given that thrusters are a mashup of two of my favorite movements – front squat and push press – I should really like them. But, it’s not to be. I’ve made it clear plenty of times before that I have no love for thrusters. I’ve tried to feel compassion for the oft-hated thruster, but to no avail. They remain dead to me… even when I enjoy a big thruster triumph like this one. But... read more

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