Well Fed Holiday Card

We’ve heard from a few of you that even though you were very good elves and ordered in plenty of time, Amazon is now saying your copies of Well Fed might not make it to you in time for Christmas. That makes us feel Scrooge-y. But Kathleen (a.k.a., designer extraordinaire) came to the rescue; she made a super-cute card you can print out and give to your near and dear to let them know they will soon be... read more

Slug or Smart?

I’ve been a slug. That little voice at the back of my noggin has always insisted that if I took a break from my superhero training – if I disembarked from the “wake at 6:00, go like hell all day” train – the dark truth would reveal itself: I’m lazy. When I started the Healing Experiment, I was given the green light to do body weight movements and easy strength training (as... read more

Best Demo of Core Strength Ever

I know what you’re thinking: Pole dancing?! Really?! You’re featuring pole dancing on your blog now. I thought this was a family show! Friends, this is going to blow your mind. There’s, like, really cool stuff , and then she does a trick that made me exclaim out loud. I want to keep it a surprise for you, but it happens around 3:18. Holy sh*t. (Oh! She wears, like, workout clothes and... read more

Some of My Fave People & Blogs

Fave People: YOU Wow, you guys. Seriously. Just wow! I knew I had the coolest, smartest, most supportive blog readers around, but I’m seriously humbled and delighted by the positive response you’ve given Well Fed. Thank you so much for being part of our big adventure. Because of you, in our first week of sales, we’ve placed almost 1000 copies of Well Fed into kitchens all over the world.... read more

WEGO Health Activist Awards

You guys have been so supportive and wonderful about Well Fed, I’m almost reluctant to ask you for a favor… but I’m going to do it anyway! Forgive me for being a little me-me-me right now. I’m working on some good stuff that’s all about you. Promise! So here’s the favor: I’ve been nominated for a WEGO Health Activist Award, and it would mean a lot to me if you... read more

And Now, Cute Animals

Sometimes I just need to take a break and look at beautiful things. That often means spending time scrolling around Tom and Lorenzo and Go Fug Yourself to look at pretty people in pretty clothes. But The Big Picture at always goes one better — they curate themed collections of stunning photos from around the globe. Today: 50 Best Photos From The Natural World. These were two of my favorites.... read more

Let Yourself Be

That’s what Robin, our kundalini instructor, said this morning. We had just finished a meditation which we later learned was 15 minutes long. Fifteen minutes, you guys! It was weird. Like, really weird. We chanted, with no music today… just a 4-line Sanskrit chant. Three of the lines ended with a really strong huh sound that we made by squeezing our diaphragms, bellows-style. It went on and... read more

Well Fed – Now on Sale!

It’s ready! Our cookbook Well Fed: Paleo Recipes For People Who Love To Eat is now on sale! YAY! (Help yourself to a free 30-page PDF sampler!) Here are a few stats about the cookbook and its production to whet your appetite… 115+ original recipes and variations 175 beautifully hand-crafted pages 23 photo shoots during summer 2010 2310 total photos taken 21 weekly... read more

Well Fed Update

Friday was a pretty huge day around our house! If you follow me on Twitter, you know that our proof copy of Well Fed arrived from CreateSpace. We experienced a few white-knuckle moments as we flipped through the pages of Well Fed for the first time, but our anxiety was for naught: the book looks great, you guys! Here’s the pic I posted on Twitter, just a few minutes after we tore open the... read more

The Skinny On Jicama

Jicama has become one of my go-to, buy-it-every-week vegetables. I like to cut it into matchsticks and eat it raw for breakfast (and lunch and dinner). And, as astute readers of the Well Fed table of contents will have noticed, my soon-to-be-released cookbook will show you you how to turn jicama into Jicama “Potato” Salad and Jicama Homefries. (Get psyched! The recipes are super tasty!) I would... read more

My Favorite Revolutionary Act

Here’s another mini interview with Jocelyn Stone from Experience Life magazine (’cause I’m an Experience Life Community Ambassador). For this installment, Jocelyn invited me to talk about my favorite Revolutionary Act. Take a look! The Experience Life YouTube channel is loaded with awesome videos that range from interviews with smart people to workouts you can do outside and in your... read more

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