Spa(ish) Week: Day 6 Recap

From July 22 through July 28, I’m going to make it my job to be as fit, healthy, and well-rested as I can be. Because I’m curious… How much time does it really take to make health and well being our number one priority? And how much awesomer will I feel if I do it?

Read all about my Spa(ish) Week 2012 plans here.

Day 6 Recap

As I explained yesterday, my new thyroid protocol is a roller coaster experiment. On Thursday, I got a new PR at the gym — on Friday, I had to lie down after lunch ’cause I was so so so sleepy. On the up side, I took a pretty nice 30-minute nap and enjoyed some deep yoga breathing. No complaints about that!

1. Walk+ Running Intervals
Done! Four miles around the lake! I walked the first 2 miles at a decent clip, then pumped out 8 intervals of 1:00 running + 2 minutes recovery walking. This pattern is making me fall in love with running again. I feel so free during the fast intervals — and they last just long enough that I’m glad to drop back to a stroll at the end of the minute.

2. Kundalini Yoga
Done! It was a physically demanding class, especially for shoulders. We did a lot of breathing work that focused on the “heart center,” so our arms were up in the air a lot. Each kryia (pose) was held for 3 minutes! I felt like my arms were going to fall off from making arm circles, but amazingly, they’re still attached. Then we did a nice long meditation. Aaaaaaah.


Breakfast: chicken breast, diced sweet potato, collard greens, coconut oil

Lunch: beef stew from a new recipe I’m testing for the Well Fed v2.0 cookbook, carrot, cucumber, cherries

Dinner (Olympics!): Scotch Egg, mashed cauliflower, cumin-roasted carrots, raspberries + coconut milk, 1 square of dark chocolate, Becherovka (a celebratory Czech liquor),

General Well-Being & Random Thoughts

A few choice words to describe Day 6: edgy, sleepy, Olympics, pork rinds, deadlines, frexcitement.

On deck for Day 6:

Hatha Yoga

plus… writing, a trip to the library, and the day of Olympics swimming coverage


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