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I think these are some of the best posts from my archive: some are my favorites and some are reader favorites... hope you like them!

On Not Underestimating Oneself

I simultaneously had a great workout and a lame workout this morning. I sort of underestimated myself and cheated myself, albeit unintentionally. But like a cast-iron skillet to the back of the head, it caught my attention and makes me wonder: how often am I doing that? And how can I make sure I don’t do it again? So let me tell you all about it… This was our workout today. WOD7 rounds::20... read more

The Best Versions of Us

I’ve had a weight loss goal since I was 13 years old. That’s almost 30 years of living with a number hanging over my head. From Weight Watchers summer camp to the rice diet to Kathy Smith’s Fat Burning Plan to Weight Watchers to the Zone to Paleo… with aerobics videos and step aerobics and triathlons and boxing and Roller Derby and half marathons and CrossFit along the way. My... read more

You Never Know If Today Is The Day

[source] I almost stayed home from my workout this morning. I had plenty of reasons excuses: I have an annoying, but not health-threatening cough. It was cold outside. We were doing Helen which just seemed sooooo boooooorrrrriiinnngggg. I just didn’t want to do it. But CrossFit isn’t always about want. Sometimes it’s about need. And commitment. And holy shit! it’s December,... read more

Why I Lift Heavy Things

Abbye “Pudgy” Stockton (source) It took me a while to come around to the way of the barbell. I was a long-form cardio, met-con queen. Chippers and ever-longer runs made me feel challenged and invigorated. The crazier the list on the whiteboard, the happier I was. But then I ‘graduated’ from bootcamp to indoor classes, and suddenly the barbell was part of my CrossFit workout... read more

Thrusters Need Love, Too

In the middle of a casual conversation yesterday, a friend said something that stopped me cold. I was blah-blah-blabbing as usual, amusing myself with witty banter about a celebrity train wreck. “That guy is a dirtbag,” I said. Note that I neither actually know “that guy,” nor do I know anyone who knows that guy. “Is he really a dirtbag?” my friend said. I... read more

Field Guide to Processed Poisons

I think the last time I ate at McDonald’s was sometime prior to 2005 – and I distinctly remember the last fast food I consumed. It was a horrible grilled “chicken” sandwich at Wendy’s. Disgusting. It was, like, 10:00 p.m. on a Sunday night, and I’d just finished a Roller Derby bout. It was always challenging to find something quick and portable to eat after a bout because I... read more

Pork Rinds: A Cautionary Tale

Around our house we call them “red light foods.” You know the ones… the stuff you just can’t have in the house because you’ll snarf your way through the entire bag/box/container/bowl until every last lick/bite/crumb is gone. A few weeks ago, I took a reader’s advice and modified my Scotch Egg recipe by rolling the meatball in crushed pork rinds. They were delicious!... read more

Sometimes I Get Dropsy

It’s often obvious when hormone-poisoning is about to strike. I start bashing my elbows into the TV stand and walking into doorways. (True story: I’ve walked into the door frame. With my face. More than once.) I also start dropping things like they’ve been greased up with coconut oil. Knives, books, plates, my toothbrush, the rubberband I’m trying to wrap around my braid… they... read more

Paleo Kitchen: The Method Behind My Madness

This is the second in a series of posts about how I run my dino-chow kitchen to keep Dave and I fed without making me (too) crazy. ———– You know how when you’re daydreaming about packing a little travel case and hopping on the Concorde to Paris (because in your daydream the Concorde still exists and you can get to Paris in three and a half hours), you think about how if you... read more

2010: A Tabata Odyssey

In the wake of celebrating Halloween with the Zombie Attack Preparedness Workout, pre-Christmas with The Twelve Days of CrossFit Christmas, and Christmas Eve with the modified Filthy Fifty, a reader challenged me to post a New Year’s workout that would motivate y’all to get up and out on the first day of 2010. Fun! OK! I noticed something about next year… 2010 It looks remarkably like... read more

Zombie Attack Preparedness (ZAP) Workout

Around our house, we like to think that we’re prepared for when the zombies attack, thanks to our CrossFit training and dino-chow diet. With Halloween just a few days away, it seemed like the least we could do is share our Zombie Attack Preparedness Workout (ZAP) with you. Are you ready to join us in the fight against the undead?! Meet the CastMarc Majcher, zombiePai Majcher, zombie distractionBlake... read more

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