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You can call it paleo, but around our house, we call it dino-chow.

I don't (generally) consume grains, sugar, dairy, legumes, caffeine, or alcohol, so almost all of my dino-chow recipes are squeaky clean and paleo/Whole30/primal-approved. My standards are high, and I only post recipes that I've personally tested. My goal is to give you tasty food you can eat EVERY DAY, so you won't find a lot of recipes for "paleo treats." But meat, veg, and yummy, yummy (YUMMY!) fats? I've got you covered. Dig in!

My 15 Most Popular Recipes of 2013

I like to think that all of my recipes are winners because I love them all equally. But my site stats have something to say about that! Here are the 15 most popular recipes on my blog from 2013. Bonus! They’re all 100% paleo and Whole30 approved. And delicious. And winners. 15. Moroccan Meatballs  14. Caramelized Coconut Chips 13. Comfort Noodles 12. Mexican Meatza 11. Bora Bora Fireballs 10. Old... read more

Sweet and Savory Pot Roast

I’m super excited to have a special guest blogger today! I got an email from 15-year-old Abby months ago, and my first reaction was “No way is this girl 14 years old!” She’s articulate, polished, and dang! she can cook. Today, she’s sharing some smart thinking on smart starches and a luscious recipe for Sweet and Savory Pot Roast. (And after you get your protein, don’t... read more

Paleo Gifts From The Kitchen

My favorite part of the holidays is making festive food and joyously eating it with the people I love. And that hasn’t changed since I adopted this dino-chow lifestyle. If anything, it’s become an even more celebratory part of my life. If there’s a motto for my blog and cookbooks, it’s this: Preparing quality food is among the most caring things we can do for ourselve and the... read more

How To Peel A Grapefruit

I la-la-love pink grapefruit, and the Thai Pink Grapefruit Salad from Well Fed 2 is a both unexpected (dried shrimp! coconut! lime!) and delicious. The combo of sweet, salty, cool, and creamy is irresistible — as is pink grapefruit all on its own. We’re coming into grapefruit season now, so put away those shameful serrated grapefruit spoons and take a look at this technique I learned from my dad... read more

Paleo (AIP-Friendly) Maple Shortbread

And just like that — BAM! — it’s the Christmas season. Time to shake off the turkey hangover, put away the pumpkin, and start thinking about holiday cookies. Or maybe that’s just me. But in case that’s you, too, I’ve got a treat for you: a stupid-simple, very delicious cookie recipe from the ebook Christmas Dessert Freedom by Leanne Vogel of Healthful Pursuit. If you’ve... read more

Kickin’ Cranberry Sauce

It’s well known amongst my family and friends that at the Thanksgiving table, I am the champion of constructing the Perfect Bite. You know what I mean, right?! That’s when you spear a piece of bird, add a hunk of (paleo) bread stuffing*, dunk it in the little gravy puddle on your plate, and top it off with a dollop of tart cranberry sauce. Perfect bite! The recipe below is the cranberry sauce... read more

My Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes

[photo] Although Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, I don’t have a hard and fast menu for what I think makes the perfect celebration. I mean, there was the year we ate Elvis sandwiches, and the year we just got take-out from a local restaurant, and the year we marked the occasion by having my thyroid removed. And even though I love to try new recipes, when I cook Thanksgiving at home, I almost... read more

Grain-Free Apple Cake

I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but there are four kinds of cake I cannot resist: 1. white wedding cake with white buttercream frosting 2. my dad’s Christmas fruit cake 3. my Sitti’s chocolate cake 4. dense, chewy, cinnamon-y apple cake My favorite apple cake of all time is this retro recipe from 1973 called Teddie’s Apple Cake. The description of the cake from The Times is... read more

Turkey & Cranberry Meatballs

Thanksgiving – a.k.a, my favorite holiday – is just two weeks away. If you’re anything like me, all of the recipes popping up in my blog feeds, TV talk shows, magazine covers, and commercials have me craving those perfect-for-Fall flavors of earthy sage, tart cranberries, and juicy turkey. Why wait?! These Turkey & Cranberry Meatballs from my cookbook Well Fed 2 pack all of the yumminess of... read more

Persian Spice Blend: Advieh

I’m always super excited when I learn about new spice blends — or, more accurately, spice blends that are new to me, because most of my favorite spice concoctions have been mixed together in kitchens for centuries. On a lazy trip to the Savory Spice Shop, I picked up some dried rose petals from Pakistan, solely because they looked girly — like jewelry for the kitchen. I had no idea what I was... read more

Crispy, Oven-Baked Sweet Potato Fries

There are good reasons for me to eat sweet potatoes – like these science-y ones in this blog post about women’s health and carbohydrates, or these no-nonsense tips from Neely Quinn at Paleo Plan, or these facts about how nutritious these tubers can be. But you know the real reason I like to eat sweet potatoes? They are freakin’ delicious. But sweet potato fries are so often disappointing. I... read more

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