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Oven-Roasted Cauliflower Rice

I recently hosted a dinner party for 12 people and wanted to serve cauliflower rice. But the idea of figuring out how to sauté, like, three heads of cauliflower — without the “rice” getting mushy — and how to have it all ready to serve at the same time was overwhelming. I wondered if there was an easier way. There is: oven roasting! Say hello to Oven-Roasted Cauliflower Rice. The... read more

WF2 Recipe: Mustard-Garlic Brussels Sprouts

A few facts: Tiny things are cute. People love cute things. Brussels sprouts are really just stupid- cute, tiny cabbages. So if Brussels sprouts are loveable, then Brussels sprouts caramelized with tangy mustard and pungent garlic must be adored. And if you prepare food that’s adored, you will be revered and lauded. Absolutely lauded. (I’m fairly certain that these exact arguments are used to teach... read more

How To Cut a Spaghetti Squash

I call bullsh*t on anyone who says, “Spaghetti squash tastes just like spaghetti.” No, it doesn’t. Is it delicious? Sure. Do I love to eat it? You bet. But it does not. taste. like. pasta. It does, however, meet oyther delicious criteria: It’s easy to cook It’s versatile It’s paleo and Whole30 approved It’s packed with good-for-you stuff like fiber, Vitamin C, Niacin, B6, and Pantothenic... read more

How To Peel A Grapefruit

I la-la-love pink grapefruit, and the Thai Pink Grapefruit Salad from Well Fed 2 is a both unexpected (dried shrimp! coconut! lime!) and delicious. The combo of sweet, salty, cool, and creamy is irresistible — as is pink grapefruit all on its own. We’re coming into grapefruit season now, so put away those shameful serrated grapefruit spoons and take a look at this technique I learned from my dad... read more

Crispy, Oven-Baked Sweet Potato Fries

There are good reasons for me to eat sweet potatoes – like these science-y ones in this blog post about women’s health and carbohydrates, or these no-nonsense tips from Neely Quinn at Paleo Plan, or these facts about how nutritious these tubers can be. But you know the real reason I like to eat sweet potatoes? They are freakin’ delicious. But sweet potato fries are so often disappointing. I... read more

Ajvar (Balkan Red Pepper Relish)

On our travels in May and June, we ate this red pepper+eggplant condiment in almost every restaurant from Lubljana, Slovenia to Dubrovnik, Croatia. Each chef’s version was different, ranging from spicy to sweet and varying the ratio of red pepper to eggplant. All of them were tangy and luxurious. When I got home, I started working on my own version, and I think this one is The Keeper. It combines... read more

Herb “Rice” Salad

I’m visiting my family in Pennsylvania this week, and happy anticipation of grilling on the deck and splashing in the pool fueled my get-ready, packing frenzy. As long-time readers know, my mom and dad are (in)famous for their mad cooking skillz. One of my favorite summer recipes was my mom’s rice salad. Cool and slippery, it looked like colorful confetti in the bowl: white rice flecked with... read more

Muffaletta Salad

When I was a kid, my parents would sometimes take us to a food market in Reading, Pennsylvania (I think?) — stalls of butchers, produce vendors, prepared foods — and my two favorite stands were the bulk foods (sesame sticks!) and the Italian deli where we’d buy perfectly-spicy and just-greasy-enough, sliced pepperoni and brightly-colored giardiniera salad. Traditional giardiniera salad is made... read more

Cauliflower Rice Pilaf

I’m doing a cooking demo at the PaleoFX conference today, sautéeing up a batch of the sweetly-spiced Cauliflower Rice Pilaf from Well Fed, while wearing a microphone headset like Madonna. I may or may not vogue while on stage; the jury is still out. Since you all can’t be there with us, I thought I’d share the recipe, just in case you want to stir up a batch yourself. Vogue-ing... read more

Paleo Sweet Potato Soup With Bacon

I like my music to be either upbeat or angry (or, in rare cases, heart-wrenchingly sad), but never middle-of-the-road mellow. I like most of my clothing to be black or, alternately, vibrant colors like orange, neon green, hot pink, or red, but never pastels. And I like my soups to be either big, chunky bits of meat and vegetables — cooked separately then arranged in a bowl and covered with broth — or... read more

Tuesday 10: Dress Up Your Broccoli

I feel like I need to apologize to broccoli. Whenever I do one of my presentations on Paleo (like this one in Estes Park), the example I use for my soul-sucking, pre-Paleo food is always “chicken breast with steamed broccoli.” When I was a “dieter,” I ate a lot of chicken breast and broccoli. I mean: a lot. Like, truckloads full. I distinctly remember asking a sales clerk once if a... read more

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