Three Words

Chocolate.Oscar. Dresses.(This link will show you more chocolatey, fashionable goodness.) I will be watching the Academy Awards on Sunday (Dinner and a Movie!™), but alas, I will not be wearing a chocolate dress. In fact, it’s pretty likely I’ll be wearing squishy pants, slippers, and my hair in a ponytail – although I’m flirting with the idea of getting dolled up to watch so I... read more

But First, Silliness

I have important stuff to talk to you about… tricks for getting back to sleep, my workout this morning, the amazing things Melissa Urban is up to… and all of that is coming. Sometime. But for now, may I recommend you indulge in a little silliness, courtesy of Sharon Stone and the Fug Girls. You can thank me... read more

Peep Toe Boots: The Dried Bread Crumb of the Fashion World

Can someone please, for the love of Sunbutter, explain the appeal of peep toe boots to me? Please. Anyone? Why would you take an adorable, studded boot and render it so hideous and... read more

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things: Tall Socks

Even though I have some of the shortest legs on the planet, (OK, wait. I know that’s an exaggeration. But my gams really are quite short. My inseam is 29″ … and since that’s currently my waist measurement, too, does that make me a cube?!) Anyway… let’s try it again. Ahem. Even though I have some of the shortest legs on the planet, I love love love tall socks. I think... read more

Pinups and Pens

This has nothing whatsoever to do with CrossFit or eating right. But this so delighted me, I had to share. And since I’m sipping cocktails and tossing chips on the green felt for the next few days, it seemed appropriate. I’ll be back next week with more fitness adventure tales, but for now… getta load of this… Here is a collection of photos from a LIFE magazine shoot in which... read more

Paleo Fashion?

Good heavens to Betsy Ross! This dress looks like the failed mash-up of a grass-fed bison advertisement and a Project Runway assignment. Can’t you hear Heidi and Tim Gunn? “Design a cocktail dress for the women participating in Melissa Urban’s paleo party.”It’s enough to make a girl consider sinking her teeth into a cupcake, washed down with an entire bottle of champagne, in... read more

My Feet are having a Carnival!

I usually like to wear shoes that will allow me to go toe-to-toe with a bad guy, if necessary: black Converse, stompy black boots, Brooks Defyance running shoes. But sometimes, a girl’s just gotta be silly. I recently acquired these Betsey Johnson confections:I am a bit hobbled by the heels and if a bad guy chased me, he would surely win. But they’re SO cute… my feet are at a fiesta! a... read more

To Crop, or Not to Crop… That is the Question

I have no workout adventures to share today because I jacked up my right knee sometime in the last week or so, and I needed to take an unscheduled rest day today. To that I say: Boo! I’m hoping y’all can weigh in on something I’m considering. My morning ritual is taking WAY too long, and some days, I miss my old pixie haircut. I’m thinking about chopping off my hair. These are cute... read more

I Have a Confession To Make: New Jeans

Warning: The following is quite boastful, so if you find my vanity offensive, you might want to avert your eyes. I thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. I got two pairs of jeans today — black straight leg and dark denim bootcut. The bootcuts are the same style I bought last summer on my “new jeans shopping spree”… but they’re a size smaller. That means... read more

Thank You, Heat Miser, Fug Girls, and Pink

I’m not having the best day at work today, but this is a bright spot. From Go Fug Yourself:And to Mr. Heat Miser, congratulations on landing your very own popstar... read more

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things: Black Boots

Dear Sartorialist:Why must you be so cold-hearted in your fabulousness? Why do you torture me with daily reminders that right now there are people in Paris? And they’re wearing the the world’s most perfect shoes? When clearly… I. Am. Not. From the Sartorialist. I used to have perfect shoes from Paris… In 1984, when I was 15, I was a member of the American Music Abroad Choir. We wore... read more

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