FGB Badass: Aaron Arehart

Fight Gone Bad: 1 Day | 1 Workout | 1 Purpose… and thousands of athletes of various fitness levels all across the country, fighting their way through wall ball, push press, rowing, sumo deadlift high pull, and box jumps, one minute at a time. Pretty neat, right? I’m fortunate to know a bunch of badasses that are participating this year, and I’d like to introduce you to some of them…... read more

Fight Gone Bad – RIGHT NOW

Amid the anxiety brought on by the workout… the wondering if one should tackle the elite level or have fun with intermediate… the visualizing and strategizing about that first 1:00 minute round… it’s easy to forget the true reason for participating in Fight Gone Bad. This video is a poignant reminder. Fight Gone Bad IV – Do It Right Now from Sportsgrants on Vimeo. Next week... read more

Countdown to Fight Gone Bad

It’s just 3 weeks and one day away! If you read this blog, I’ve got an assignment for you: Get involved! You can sign up to compete Make a donation to my Fight Gone Bad fund – any size will do! Come out and watch the competition on September 26 Post in the comments with words of encouragement for the warriors who will take on this brutal workout for two righteously good causes: Athletes... read more

Fight Gone Bad… It’s SO Good

I jokingly refer to last year’s Fight Gone Bad as my “single greatest athletic achievement.” It’s the only time I ever entered an athletic competition and placed. I won the intermediate division! It was a big day. BIG. DAY. And it was wicked fun because I didn’t have any expectations about how I was going to do before I started. I’d never done Fight Gone Bad before that... read more

First O’ The Month Assessment = Fight Gone Bad

Oh, beginning of the month. How I adore the way you hold me accountable and require me to think not about an endless spectrum of workouts stretched before me, but about what I can do today and this month and right freaking now to be stronger, faster, tougher, hotter, er, er, er! When I did Fight Gone Bad last year, I registered for the intermediate level (35-lb. bar, step ups on the 20-inch box, 12-lb. med... read more

Finally… Not Smiling During a Workout

Heh. That looks like it weighs way more than 35 lbs., doesn’t it?! Felt like it,... read more

Fight Gone Bad Video

Badass. And check out all the photos here and... read more

Lucky Number 13: A Story In Photos

My awesome Saturday actually started Friday night when I picked up my Fight Gone Bad packet at the CrossFit Central gym, and I was handed number 13. Woot! Then I got great news at my Weight Watchers meeting on Saturday morning: I’ve lost 47 lbs. and have just .6 to my Weight Watchers goal. I was feeling so good when I got to Whole Foods for FGB, I forgot to be frexcited. I was just straight-up... read more

FGB video

Man! The corporate overlords are really cracking the whip today, and my project team ordered lunch delivered. They tried to convince me to indulge with them — they tried to tempt me with the idea of a milkshake (!) — but I’m eating my Zone food, drinking water, and visualizing a kickass performance for tomorrow. (In my visualization, I am incredibly ripped, talented, fast, and somehow... read more

Doing Good By Fighting Bad

I worry a little that Mr. Randal Setzler is going to think I’m “single white female-ing” him… but I have to copycat him a little because he can do all the nifty physical tricks the characters in my book will do (and that I will some day, too) and his blog always has such good stuff, like… … this video about Fight Gone Bad. I like it because it doesn’t just showcase... read more

Fight Gone Bad — I’m Official

As you know, dear readers, I’ve been busting my butt since the beginning of the year, eating like a champ and working out six days a week to get in the best shape of my life. I’m fitter and leaner than ever — and that means I’m more grateful than ever to be healthy. On September 27, I’m participating in Fight Gone Bad. It’s a very challenging workout hosted here in... read more

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