The Hard Routine And My First "I AM CROSSFIT" Report Card

I recently read an excellent article in the CrossFit Journal called “The Hard Routine,” and it had a real impact on me. When British commandos begin a mission, they say that they go on the “hard routine.” As the article explains, From that moment on, the rules are strict, the focus is singular, and all available resources are brought to bear with an intensity that is necessary for... read more

A Week in the Zone: Saturday

I learned a few things posting my food logs for the week: It’s a lot harder to remember to photograph your food than you’d think it would be. I write in a Weight Watchers food diary every day, but doing “double duty” and posting to my blog made me feel both more accountable and more aware of what I’m doing, so I think I’m going to stick with the blog reporting for... read more

A Week in the Zone: Tuesday

Bummer! No time to do photo documentation of my food on Tuesday. Seriously, people, my day SUCKED. I had to come in early and work late, missed band practice, ate extra snacks, and felt distracted by my appetite/hunger most of the day (thank you, hormone poisoning). But I’m putting a check in the win column anyway because — in case you need to be reminded — today SUPER SUCKED. Instead of... read more

It’s Raining Like a Monday

The corporate overlords are really crackin’ the whip today! I had to cut my workout short this morning to get into the office in time for an 8:00 a.m. meeting — and although I’m scheduled to have double band practice from 6-10 tonight (St. Joe’s Choir and Sellouts), it’s looking like I’m going to be working late instead. Bah. I did, however, haul my ass out of my warm... read more

On Being a Girl

*Note: Boys, you might want to avert your eyes. This post contains girly-specific information.* There are many cool things about being a chick, mostly having to do with fashion opportunities and intuition, like black eyeliner and lots of mascara leopard print clothing and accessories the ability to wear high heels or Converse, as the mood strikes pretty underthings with lace and sparkles and other... read more

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