From Snow to Sunny, 60s, and Sprinting

First, the snow. I know half an inch of snow and temperatures in the teens aren’t a big deal to many readers of my blog. But in Austin, Texas, it’s a very unusual occurrence. According to the local news, last week included some of the coldest temperatures in Austin since 1989. (Our friends, visiting from Alaska, joked that we really didn’t need to go so far to make them feel welcome.)... read more

Back on the Trail And Taking Stock

Dave and I went running this morning. I tried to be all chill about it, but inside the noggin and down past the heartstrings, in the secret place that knows all my truths, I knew it was really The First Workout of the October Cleanup™. It was a great way to re-engage with being a superhero-in-training. The sun was glorious and the temperatures were blessedly cool (long sleeved running shirt!). We... read more

Beautiful Writing, Beautiful Reminder

I’ve never met Kathleen Hooks and before this morning, I’d never read her blog. Here’s all I know about her. She was a runner. She’s a gifted writer. She has a pretty smile. She has Multiple Sclerosis. Her blog post today is about her visceral memories of the pain and joy of running. Prepare to be moved. Let me be clear, I have no delusions: running hurt, and there were days ... read more

Another Weekend, Another Adventure

This weekend, I’ve been invited to the New Balance Women’s Running Media Summit at the Lost Pines in Bastrop. The Summit coincides with the ZOOMA women’s half marathon, so I have plenty of reasons to be excited… 1. My badass friend Blake is running the half marathon with her mom. It’s a first for both of them, and I’m thrilled to be there for their big finish! The ZOOMA... read more

A Girl Can Dream

One of my best running experiences to date – maybe even The Best – was the Lost in the Lost Pines trail run in October 2008. I loved bounding up hills and scrabbling over rocks, completely unconcerned with the time on the clock. It was just about having fun playing in the woods, and it felt like a celebration of our new-found love of running. All good things seemed possible. Hell, I even did a... read more

A Beautiful Day for a Run

I ate 300 extra calories yesterday and slept for almost 12 hours, so I expected to have the Best Run Ever™ this morning. Shows you what I know. The internal experience of my run was like this: “Really? Only one minute and 40 seconds? Three minutes feels like FOREVER.” “My stupid left headphone is busted. Damn it! I just got these headphones.” “I’m so slow. I thought... read more

Hey! I Put My New Shoes On

[Thank you, Diana, for asking about my new trailing running shoes that I mentioned yesterday. You inspired this post!] Soundtrack for this post: Paolo Nutini’s “New Shoes” Until I went to RunTex a few years ago, I didn’t know much about my feet except that they’re big (size 10 running shoes!) and wide and prefer get-away shoes (big black boots!) to heels. According to the... read more

A Workout of Things That I Love

A few months ago, I wrote about a Workout of Things That I Hate™. It would be more accurate, I guess, to say they’re things I “love-hate,” but still… thrusters, butt-killing situps, and pullups… not my favorites. Today was much better! CrossFit Central is creating workouts named for CFC clients this month, and today was my day. Like a 4-year-old, I love anything with my... read more

Running & Weight Loss

This is a great read that’s helping me re-jigger my thinking. Maybe you’ll learn something from it, too. It definitely provides more fuel for the “eat clean, rest well” fire. Fat Loss and Running [Thanks to the Moxy-Boss for sending it my... read more

Two-Fer Tuesday

Days ’til Vegas: TWOWorkouts today: TWO 5:45 a.m.#1: CrossFit Women Indoor @ CrossFit Central3 rounds, for time: 24 back squat, 1/2 body weight (70#) 12 ring dips 6 in-and-outs My time: 11:55 This thing looked like a miserable monster on the whiteboard, but I actually loved it. I’ve amped up my calorie intake a little bit over the last week, and I can feel it in my workouts. Plenty of gas in... read more

Sometimes You Just Gotta Sing

For the near future, I’m doing double workouts on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I hit Crystal’s CrossFit Women indoor class at 5:45 a.m., then meet Dave for a run around the lake at 7:00. This two-fer thing is sort of a personal experiment. How do I feel physically? What do I have to eat to be energetic? How is my mood affected? What’s the effect on my progress? Last week, I kinda ran out of... read more

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