Serve Gourmet: A Story In Photos

Austin was delightfully chilly today — my perfect weather, really: a little blustery and nippy enough that a stroll outdoors is refreshing and relaxing inside is cozy. We spent the afternoon at Serve Gourmet, eating food from Well Fed and Well Fed 2 — that I didn’t have to make! — and meeting lovely paleo people. Take a look. Numero uno awesome thing about today: this sign outside the store.... read more

Chop! Chop!: A Story In Photos

The first time I had a bowl cut, with John Taylor of Duran Duran, circa 1993 I’ve been thinking about chopping off my hair for a few months. The motivations were many: I’m craving change and new adventures. When I was in my twenties and thirties, I had short hair, so I associate cropped cuts with being youthful and daring. There was this photo of Madonna and the way I’ve been listening to... read more

Something’s Fishy: A Story In Photos

Last week, Dave faced what might have been his biggest photography challenge to date: He had to photograph a whole fish for one of the Well Fed 2 divider pages. For most photographers, once they’d figured out the technical details, it wouldn’t be a big deal. But Dave isn’t most photographers. For starters, he’s more awesome than the average person. And secondly, he’s allergic... read more

My New Tattoo: Story In Photos

May 1 was my birthday, and I celebrated the way any mature, responsible, 45-year-old woman might: I decided to get a new tattoo while on vacation in Prague. And then I sweet-talked Dave into joining me. Here are the snaps from the day we got matching star tattoos to celebrate aging as loudly and inappropriately as possible. We chose Tribo, based on recommendations from Reddit. The shop was booked, but... read more

I’ll Take The Stairs: Story in Photos

Our (temporary) apartment in Prague is just off Old Town Square, in a narrow alley with large wooden doors on either end. After midnight, the doors are locked and the alley disappears from view, while we sleep four floors above the cobblestones. Radiating out from the square are the streets that lead to Prague’s other delights: the Charles Bridge and beyond to the castle, side streets that lead to a... read more

Grocery Shopping in Prague: A Story in Photos

Note to self: If you want to make deconstructed hamburger salad (p. 38 in Well Fed) with ground beef, it’s best to learn the Czech words for beef and pork before heading out to the Tesco to buy groceries, lest you learn, midway through cooking (thanks,, that the reason your “hamburger” looks so pale isn’t that Czech beef is light-colored but, rather, is... read more

Weekend Snaps: A Story In Photos

I’m sure my post on Thursday made it seem like it’s all work and no play around here. There’s plenty of work, for sure, but we found some lovely moments this weekend, too. Friday morning, we enjoyed brilliant sunshine and cool temperatures at the annual Rodeo Austin Cowboy Breakfast. I’ve written about it before — coffee, sausage, Longhorn cattle, horses, live music, and the mix... read more

Whole Foods Class: A Story In Photos

On October 10, one of my foodie dreams came true: I taught a cooking class! At the Whole Foods Culinary Center, no less. You know I have an overactive imagination, so in my mind, I was Julia Child incarnate. I was the star of my own TV show. I was the anti-Rachel Ray. I was the punk rock Martha Stewart. In actuality, it was the attendees who were the stars. They asked great questions during the Paleo 101... read more

Happy Halloween: A Story In Photos

As I confessed last week, Dave and I flew our geek flags high and attended the Wizard World Austin Comic Con. I didn’t partake in costuming, but I la-la-loved the people who did. Here are some of Dave’s snaps from our trek into Nerd-dom. When we walked into the convention center, we were greeted by empty halls. “Where are all the nerds?!” I demanded. Then we turned a corner and... read more

Colorado Dispatch II: A Story In Photos

When we left Colorado Dispatch I, our Colorado crew (Dave, Holly, Michelle, Henry, and I) had just completed an ass-kicking workout at CrossFit Estes Park and eaten our second batch of scrumptious Colorado trout at our post-workout breakfast. It should come as a surprise to no one that our next big event also included plenty of paleo-friendly food: a potluck at Cathy’s house with the good folks of... read more

Colorado Dispatch I: A Story in Photos

I spent the entire flight from Austin to Denver reading an issue of Marie Claire magazine cover to cover (which turned out to be more tabloid-y in tone than I expected), so I am now well-informed on the particulars of Gwen Stefani’s life (she’s soooooo busy), the risks of taking Ambien (sleep-eating!), and the tragic story of a girl whose parents raised her in a 10X20 storage facility (yikes.).... read more

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